Fixturlaser’s laser based geometry systems are characterized by their user friendliness.

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Fixturlaser NXA

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Fixturlaser's shaft alignment products are available in more than 70 countries. Our representatives are all engineers and technicians with special knowledge and training in the latest measurement and alignment techniques.

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Fixturlaser is a global player and leader in developing innovative, user-friendly equipment for shaft alignment.

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About Fixturlaser

Shaft alignment

Minimize wear, production stoppages and unnecessary costs with shaft alignment.

Fixturlaser is a global player and leader in developing innovative,
userfriendly equipment for shaft alignment. We always challenge ourselves to find new ways and innovations that will align the world's industries.


Shaft alignment
Shaft Alignment Revolution

It is a shaft alignment revolution

Fixturlaser nxa

Say hello to the future and a more sustainable world industry.

Think beyond what is possible within shaft alignment and you will find Fixturlaser NXA. Our new product is a result of refined innovations, true commitment and pure usability.

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