New shaft alignment system for all users

New shaft alignment system for all users!

Fixturlaser ECO

Fixturlaser ECO is an entry-level system for shaft alignment.
Wireless sensor units, 4” colour display, rechargeable batteries and an IP65 design that withstands harsh environments. Fixturlaser ECO is a high-quality system that is very easy to use.


Only benefits with Fixturlaser ECO!  Fixturlaser ECO shaft alignment

• Integrated Bluetooth

• Lifetime Warranty

• Pre-mounted sensors

• Colour screen, 4"

• Vertizontal Moves

• Screen Flip

• 8 hours battery time, continous use

• CCD sensors technology

• Live values during adjustment

• IP65 classified

• Slim sensor units

Fixturlaser ECO Screen  Fixturlaser’s unique adaptive user interface! 

vertizontal moves  

The adaptive user interface will guide you throughout the measurement and alignment process. We are especially proud of the function – VertiZontal Moves – where you only have to measure once before making the required vertical and horizontal adjustments.
The function – VertiZontal Moves – you only have to measure once before making the required vertical and horizontal adjustments. The VertiZontal moves is an innovative and time-saving features.


​Fixturlaser ECO have a lifetime warranty. The warranty is valid under condition that the system is calibrated and updated at least once every 24 month by an authorized Fixturlaser service center.

Weight (incl. all standard parts): 4,8 kg (10,6 lbs)

Weight: 0.36 kg (12,8 oz)
Dimensions: 181 mm x 106 mm x 34 mm (7,1 in x 4,2 in x 1,3 in)
Environmental protection: IP 65
Display size: 4” (102mm) diagonal
(84 x 56 mm, 3,3 x 2,2 in)
Operating time: 8 hours continuous use

Weight: M6 200 g (7,5 oz) S6 188 g (6,6 oz)
Environmental Protection: IP 65
Measurement Distance: Up to 3 m
Detector: Digital line sensor
Detector Length: 20 mm (0.8 in )
Displayed Detector Resolution: 0,01 mm
Measurement Accuracy: 1% ± 1 digit

Shaft Brackets
Shaft diameter: Ø 25 – 175 mm (1in – 6.9in)
With extension chain
Ø 25 – 450 mm (1in – 18in)
Rods: 4 pcs 150 mm (5,9 in)