The Augmented Mechanic’s Solution RT-300


The augmented mechanic’s solution – RT-300 – is a smart reliability tool that combines on-the-spot machine diagnostics with tools for pre-alignment and precision shaft alignment, minimizing the time from fault diagnostics to corrective actions. The usage of RT-300 will ultimately minimize unplanned production stops and guarantee production and product quality.
The cloud- and app-based platform with integrated dashboard facilitates reporting on machine health and trends and sharing with co-workers and customers.

The Smart Machine Checker!


FIXTURLASER SMC machinery analyzer offers automatic diagnosis of machine faults, plus a built in camera, pyrometer, stroboscope and wireless tri-axial sensor.

Safeguard Your Maintenance Team and Production

Fixturlaser EXO

CERTIFIED II 3 G Ex ic op is IIC T4 Gc , 0°C ≤ Ta ≤ 50 °C.

The FIXTURLASER EXO is an EX/ATEX certified package with two smart sensors and an Android based tablet with 8” in screen size. The smart sensors are rugged, rated water and dust proof (IP65).
The FIXTURLASER EXO is an advanced alignment system that performs horizontal and vertical alignment, and includes the pre-alignment tools Softcheck™, Feetlock™ and Target values

Shaft alignment

Shaft Alignment

Minimize wear, production stoppages
and unnecessary costs with a laser
based shaft alignment tool from FIXTURLASER . Nearly 50% of all machine breakdowns are caused by
misalignment. Can you afford not to
align your machines?


Repair & Calibration


There is a FIXTURLASER certified
repair centre in every continent
ready to take care of your tool
for repair and/or calibration.

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