Fixturlaser’s laser based geometry systems are characterized by their user friendliness.

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Geometry with
Fixturlaser NXA

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Fixturlaser's shaft alignment products are available in more than 70 countries. Our representatives are all engineers and technicians with special knowledge and training in the latest measurement and alignment techniques.

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Fixturlaser is a global player and leader in developing innovative, user-friendly equipment for shaft alignment.

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Fixturlaser Laser Kit

The NEW Fixturlaser Laser Kit consists of two wireless sensor units utilizing two line lasers .The use of line lasers simplifies the setup process minimizing setup time. To make it even easier the sensors comes pre-mounted on its fixtures and pre-set to the most common setup.

Fixturlaser EVO Named Gold Product of the Year!

Fixturlaser EVO wins gold!

The EVO is the evolution of shaft alignment tools and is ready to handle all of your alignment challenges. The unit also comes with a bevy of alignment utilities like soft foot check, FeetLock for testing alternate solutions in situations where the movable machine is base bound or bolt bound, thermal growth check, a database of target values, and a memory manager for saving and recalling alignment data.

Fixturlaser EVO

The Fixturlaser NXA put to the test

Just how durable are our products?

Our products are IP65 classified and shock proof. See the entire video clip and find out for yourself how much abuse our products can actually take!

Let the App do the Math.

Free app for shaft alignment

Our friends on the "Alignment Knowledge" site invite you to download the new app "Fixturlaser Dials".

Fixturlaser Dial App
Shaft alignment

Shaft Alignment

Minimize wear, production stoppages and unnecessary costs with a laser based shaft alignment tool from Fixturlaser. Nearly 50% of all machine breakdowns are caused by misalignment. Can you afford not to align your machines?


Repair & Calibration


There is a Fixturlaser certified
repair centre in every continent
ready to take care of your tool
for repair and/or calibration.

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